Troubleshooting FAQ's

Troubleshooting FAQ's 

Air Con Hut is always happy to provide you with any questions about using your air conditioner. However, we’ve collated some common troubleshooting questions and answers:

Q. My remote control won’t work.

A.Check that you’re not more than five metres away from your unit- this is the range of the remote control device. Also, ensure that the batteries do not need replacing.

Q. Can I extend the exhaust hose?

A. We do not recommend extending the exhaust hose as this could impair the performance of your air conditioner. Instead, place your appliance nearer a window for venting.

Q. Will my air conditioner cool more than one room at once?

A. Portable air conditioners are designed to cool one room at a time. However, the KYR and Symphony Diet range is perfect for today’s open plan living where one large mixed-use room is the focus of the home. If you want to cool a different room, then your protable air conditioning unit is on wheels and can be moved smoothly to a new location.

Q. My room won’t get cold.

A.Check first that you are in air conditioning mode. Then ensure that your room does not contain heat sources or open windows and doors. Then check that the exhaust hose is not blocked, nor that the filters are dirty.

Q. There is an odour when I run my air conditioner.

A. Please wash or replace the filters. 

Q. The air conditioner will not run for three minutes after I’ve switched it on.

A. Every air conditioning unit contains a safety device which delays operation of the air conditioner while checks are performed. Please wait three minutes and the air conditioner will operate as normal.